test prep


When should I start preparing for an exam?

Test preparation works best starting two months prior to the assigned test-taking day. Advance preparation is key! We offer test prep programs for:


I can tutor myself online…

There are tons of online practice tools at your disposal for free! A.M.K.C. tutors offer one on one and small group tutorials were students can ask questions in real time for clarification. Why spend time searching through videos, just to realize your questions is still unanswered? Our test prep approach:

1. One on one sessions or small group sessions with immediate feedback
2. Independent online practice
3. Mini-lessons
4. Practice tests both paper and digital

This is so overwhelming

No worries! We focus on parts of the test one section at a time. In addition we focus on specific skill areas that my need improvement with our mini-lessons.

Our comprehensive approach ensures your child will have the skill and confidence they need to be successful.

Did you know...

People with a kinesthetic learning style are also commonly known as "do-ers"