Homework Assistance

No More Long Frustrating Nights!

We help take the frustration out of Homework. Homework assistance is offered to all students who sign up for tutorials. If your child is a strong student but struggles with just homework, our tutors are still happy to help. Homework help can be completed in person or virtually. Ask us how!

Homework Benefits

Completing homework daily helps to master concepts your child’s teacher is trying to reinforce. With our help, your child will have a more concrete understanding and structured practice. No longer do you have to google a thousand YouTube videos in efforts to understand one simple concept. We’ve got you covered. Our tutors are certified teachers current college students and recent graduates who understand today’s teaching methods.

The benefits of homework help are immeasurable. Students may begin to enjoy school again, new skills are learned, better class performance and a lot less stress for everyone! Not to mention quality homework help, builds student confidence.

Homework and Beyond

Homework assistance is more than just helping students answer a series of questions. We teach how to study and how a positive attitude can go much further and foster greater success in the classroom and beyond.



Math: Elementary K – 5th

It is important to build solid foundational math skills as early as possible. Here at A.M.K.C we use state aligned curriculum with our hands on activities, activity sheets, multimedia lessons and progress check assessments. For grades K – 5 we cover:

Number Sense and Operations - The order and value of numbers.
Addition and Subtraction – Starting with manipulatives, building from single digit to multi-digit numbers.
Place Value – The numerical value that a digit has by its position in a number.
Multiplication and Division- Starting with single digit calculation then increasing to multi-digit numbers.
Patterns – Sorting and ordering objects. Recognizing simple patterns.
Geometry and Spatial Sense – Students understand basic shapes and identify more complex 2 –D and 3 –D shapes.
Measurement – Learn how to measure length, weight, temperature, capacity, money and telling time.
Data Analysis and Probability – The use of charts, tables, graphs and proportions.

Math: Upper Level 6 – 12th

Around 6th grade is where we see the onset of homework frustration the most. Don’t worry let us help! Sixth and seventh grade math encompass elementary math foundational skills on a more complex level so we’ve got you covered. We’ve also got you covered in:

Pre – Algebra
Algebra I and II
Pre- Calculus


We will assess your child’s reading ability, meet them were there are and build from there. During reading sessions, we will focus on the following key features.

Phonemic Awareness
Reading Fluency
Reading comprehension

Did you know...

People with a kinesthetic learning style are also commonly known as "do-ers"